5 Awesome Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Traffic indeed is the bloodline for a website. With no visitors, a website is purposeless even if it has great content and design. What should be done for achieving required Traffic which is unique and quality one?

Firstly you must ensure that your website is SEO Friendly. Search engines are the biggest source of traffic, heading the list of top traffic sources. Secondly, you must share your content via social networking, which is the second great source of web traffic.

Let’s begin with my top 5 recommendations for creating and maintaining an awesome WordPress website:

Social Share by Social 9:


Open Social Share by Social 9 is a free WordPress social share plugin which is available for other CMS’s also and as HTML code. It has more than 60 social networks you can opt to support share. It also supports unlimited page views, that means even if your website has lakhs of page views per day, it won’t break and will continue to work.


  • No programming skills required
  • Compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress
  • Secure and reliable
  • Backend runs on Cloud Computing with failover server support
  • 24/7 community support

Type: Free Plugin

Social Network Tabs For WordPress


It is a powerful WordPress social media plugin which helps you to combine all of your favorite social profiles and feeds into slide-out or static tabs. The benefit is that you will have plenty of room to create amazing tabs since this plugin supports sixteen social networks and up to sixty-nine feed types.


  • AJAX fast loading
  • Shortcode functionality
  • Flexible positioning and drag and drop interface
  • Type: Paid Plugin


Simple Social Inbox WordPress Plugin:


This plugin takes Social Media marketing to  the next level as it gives you the ability to share a blog post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click directly from your WordPress admin. This plugin currently supports Facebook, Twitter & Google+. You can track the performance of your shared links on social media and reply to social media inbox messages,comments tweets, etc from your WordPress dashboard.

Type: Paid Plugin

Instagram Theatre WordPress Plugin:


If you are an active Instagrammer who likes posting pictures to Instagram multiple times a day, you can display them on your WordPress website easily using Instagram Theatre Plugin. It allows you to create beautiful Instagram galleries/portfolio on your WordPress website.


  • Fullscreen, Thumbnail, List Layout Mode
  • Tag Instagram Feed Mode – This mode allows you to specify a tag to search from the Instagram API.
  • Single & Multi User Instagram Feed Mode – It allows you to specify a single or multiple user id’s to pull in photos from specific user or users.

Type: Paid Plugin

Social Payments WordPress Plugin


It allows users to “pay” with a like, tweet or +1 to see restricted content. It is elegant and easy to use . It can prove to be a great resource for increasing page likes or followers. In exchange for a valuable content which you will offer users have to like/follow your page or share your page on their social networking profile. Additionally, the plugin supports shortcodes so you can add your social payment icons wherever.

Type: Paid Plugin


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