What is more in Customer Identity Management?


Today the success of any online business completely lies in the virtuous circle of acquiring more users, Interacting with them and continuing to know about their interests in order to present them with offers and experiences that are most relevant. In  such context a comprehensive customer identity management platform is required that can provide the tools to improve accession,  create engagement and build intelligence.

Though in this growing digital world we already have some very powerful identity management platforms but to match the fast evolving digital capabilities of businesses and to entertain a number of online customers, the existing customer identity management is also set to experience changes to address the needs of both the users and the businesses.

So let’s have a quick peek at the points where changes are expected:

1) Usernames and Passwords will be no more required:-

A survey found that around 76 percent of online customers are looking for the alternatives for usernames and passwords as they found it very frustrating to remember a bunch of usernames and passwords. Hence as per the interest of the people, other forms of identification like biometrics or voice recognition are taking all the limelight and are making the customer identification more interactive. There is one more way of login which is going to continue its prominence is the use of Social login.

2) First party data will be all you need to take care:-

Now third party data is the thing of past. Data Brokers who were highly in demand for data about prospects are now no more in need since today businesses are inclined to first party data that is coming directly from the user itself in a way of data shared on their social media profiles. But why this third third party data is loosing its charm? A Digiday report says that this third party data is not genuine and can be wrong 30-35% of the time which is a huge deterrent for the businesses who pay a great amount for the data. On the other hand first party data is a free resource and genuine all the time.

3) Security will be the base for customer identity management:-


Security is the main concern for both businesses and users. Users want their data secured but not ready to go in for elaborate measures of authentication to safeguard their private data and businesses want to keep their users engaged by providing them ways of flexible user authentication. So a stronger approach is needed to take place to keep the user experience simple and convenient while keeping the security on first priority.

There are only few points that I have highlighted in this article. And I am looking for your suggestions to have the complete insight on the topic so drop your views in the comment below.



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