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SSO: Wonder for Businesses to Manage Identities

From the business point of view, identity is an important factor. The success of a business depends on how well it knows its customers. And to know them better, managing their identities in a proper way is a must. The importance of managing identities becomes more for online businesses who only knows their customers and users on the basis of digital identities. Managing users passwords and usernames is not an easy task. Businesses have to set up a separate IT help desk team to provide support and manage all the password related issues, which may cause them the loss of lots of dollars. But there is an easy way that saves both money and time of business by managing their customer’s data and other credentials.  By simply implementing web single sign-on tool to their business websites, businesses can permit their users to login to all their web services and applications by entering only single ID credential. That means if a user authenticates himself to any of the web services of the specific business, he does not need to enter his ID credentials each time when he wants to login to other web services of the same organization, he will be automatically logged-in to that website.



Nowadays single sign-on(SSO) solution has become the most common requirement of organizations that have multiple websites of their own. Numbers of Web-based SSO solutions are available in the market today. But you have to select the one which suits best to your website’s services. There are many advantages of having SSO for your business like it saves your user’s time by providing a seamless login to across multiple websites, keeps your customer’s data and credentials safe and secure, increases productivity etc.

One of the biggest problem faced by organizations that have multiple web services is that their customers usually forget their passwords and send password recovery request to their IT administrators or sometimes after trying for two-three times customers decide to leave their website in search of a new one that may be of your competitor website. Remembering passwords for each of your business website is not possible for them. Single sign-on plays a very crucial role here by removing the password fatigue and allowing single credentials to access all web applications of the organization. This leads users to spend more time on their website so that they can explore more pages and might become customer in future.



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