Cloud Identity management – Why we need it?

In the ever growing demanding era of www, it is getting very tough to establish a strong foot in the digital market. Today having an attractive website with latest features is not at all enough, but to have a considerable user engagement is what that matters the most.

We see that there are websites in the market that have tons of customers per day and deal with some complex customer identity platform to maintain the increasing online user presence. So what are those simplified approaches to maintain this huge customer data in a way that makes some sense because your customer insights is what that gives you a better understanding of your business and leads you to have a significant move towards the success.

We see there are many traditional identity management technologies present in the market but as technology never remains the same, certain issues are found with the old techniques that are not negotiable. So just have a look at the shortcomings of using traditional identity management platforms:-

No scalability!

In the old traditional customer identity management platform we do not have the liability to handle the customer data as the way we want. We are allowed to store the data only upto a certain limit, once that limit exceeds we can not scale it up in earlier identity management solutions. The old traditional systems are built up with the traditional applications that create a major compatibility issue with the current ongoing applications. And on top of all the old traditional identity platforms are not capable enough to handle a huge amount of data.

Less Security Measures!

Customer Data- the most valuable asset of any business and its security should be the main concern of any organisation. Traditional identity management solution were not built considering security. The risk of data leak, being hacked and loss of the important user data is associated with the old customer identity management platforms.

To overcome these serious issues Cloud identity management came into the limelight and replaced the traditional identity management platforms in a very short period of time.

How Cloud Identity management solution can help!

With the help of cloud identity management solution business owners can get the complete insights of its customers. It is a unified way of providing customer’s data that also helps in having a better understanding of the customers. And when you have a clear understanding of your customers, you will definitely have a more profitable future plan to entertain your users.

Cloud identity management is the only solution which can store data in a secure way. Secured data encryption makes sure that data is in safe hands.

CIM also facilitates you with an amazing user experience as it gives seamless experiences across multiple domains of your organization. Hence more customer interactions more customer conversions!



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