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Want Secure Login? Try Single sign-On!

When it comes to integrating cloud technology and applications into an enterprise or corporate environment, one of the biggest problem faced by IT department is managing identity. People often creates their own login credentials to enterprise related cloud applications. This can lead to a number of problems related to password security. We are living in such digital world where we are surrounded with numbers of passwords. As the number of websites and web services increases the situation is only going to get worst. From the enterprise security point of view, managing all these individual passwords and identity has become a major problem. They have to spend a lot of money on managing users credentials and on support help desk etc. Many users cope reusing their passwords, which leads to exposure among all sorts of security holes. And providing security is an important factor for an enterprise.

One of the solutions of the above-mentioned problem is implementing single sign-on(SSO) tool. It is a tool that automates the login process of enterprise websites and applications by allowing users to enter single ID credentials for all websites services of the organization. It beefs up the password complexity, with the help of it users do not need to remember dozens of passwords too. There are many types of SSO like web SSO, enterprise SSO, federation etc. but one has to be very careful on choosing the right type of SSO for his/her business.

single sign-on


Single sign-on works on SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language), that allows sign-on’s via exchanging XML information between various websites. One of the benefits other than security of implementing sso is, it will help businesses to manage their customer identity in a systematic manner. Single sign-on also increases productivity and provides a seamless login process.


Today businesses are moving their users and customers digital identity from their hardware to the cloud-based technology. As organizations continue to adopt technologies that are cloud-based, the need of reliable, safe and optimized sso solution becomes more important. As the information technology moves to the future, SSO will have to grow with it by improving more and strengthening its most important pillar that is security. It has to fill the gap between productivity and security for organizations all over the world.



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