Web SSO for Customers

web sso for customers

Web SSO known as Web Single Sign-On is widely opted among big businesses like Google, IBM etc. It is a big leap in field of Technology and Accessibility features of Large Businesses. Awareness of Web SSO among Businesses has gained trust in Medium Scale businesses and is progressively opted. Web SSO basically gives accessibility to login multiple services or applications  of a business in a single login  regardless of the platform, technology and domain, users need only log-in once to access all applications of mutual trust.

When it comes to consumers,  web properties, applications, services are increasing which are based on Web SSO enabling their customers ease of login and faster access to their services hence benefiting both Customer and Business. According to recent studies adoption of new technologies and methodologies has increased raising the bar of trust factor among small businesses.


Web SSO solves biggest problems like Increasing bounce Rate, Less Conversion Rates etc. which are directly related to customers. Customers often face problem remembering multiple passwords and they want it to be unique for security purpose. Most of them do not have time to click on forgot password button and go through whole process of resetting it and wait for thinking and creating a new unique password.

Some customers find it too lethargic to login multiple times to access different services provided by a business and often discontinue their services. Psychologically it is tiring too as one has to keep on remembering different passwords.


Google is a great example who has opted Web SSO and has increased productivity and revenue for himself and their customers. Once a person is logged in to any Google’s product, he can access its other services hasselfree. Even Signing-up for new services is just few “Approve” Clicks away.

For customers Web SSO has proven to be very less time consuming compared to traditional means and a productivity hack to increase their productivity and revenues.



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