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Long registration Forms and Their Adverse Impacts on Conversion

Registration forms provide valuable and important data to the business. This data will help marketers to build more specific marketing strategies. Therefore, registration forms are very important from the business point of view. But here the question arises, is traditional registration service provides accurate customer data?

You might be surprised but the answer is NO! There are many reasons why traditional forms of registration don’t work for you.

long registration forms

Here In this article, I am going to explain some of the reason for getting poor conversion if you use the traditional way of registration.

  • Lengthy forms make visitors leave website

The time is very precious. People want everything quick and fast. In this scenario, if you offer long and lengthy registration forms they don’t have any option left but to leave the website. Therefore, limit your form fields and ask only relevant data that is important for your niche.

  • Inaccurate data

As I stated earlier people don’t like to spend their time on filling long forms or if they do mostly they fill wrong and inaccurate data which are very harmful to online business. Wrong data leads marketers in a wrong direction for making strategies.

  • Need of remembering new username and password

It is one of the most hated disadvantages of having traditional registration forms. The users have to remember another new username and password whenever they sign-in for a website. Remembering passwords are is not an easy task and in most of the cases, users don’t try to a make new account and leave such websites if they forget the password.

What is the solution?

The solution is using social sign-in. With the help of social sign-in, now users can authenticate themselves to the website without creating a new username and password but simply using their existing social media account. Here are some of the benefits of having social sign-in.

social sign-in

  • Get first-party data

Knowing your customers is very important for your business. Social sign-in helps you to know who are your real customers. With the help of social sign-in, you get reliable first-party data. This first-party data plays a vital role for marketers to make more targeted strategies.

  • Quick and easy to login

In comparison to traditional registration forms, login through social sign-in is not only easy but also very quick. The user can login to a website through just a single click. Therefore social sign-in is very important from a user point of view.

  • Improves user experience

As social sign-in reduces the hurdle of registration and makes the whole process simple and quick, users now can spend more time on the website and explore more content of your the website. This improves the user experience and may increase the conversion also.

Therefore, avoid long registration forms and give a chance to social sign-in and see the difference. Social sign-in helps you to drive more traffic and conversion to your website.


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