4 Reasons For You To Adopt Customer Identity Management System

No doubt internet is changing our lives. Thanks to the flexibility, speed and efficiency it provides, around 2 billion people are connected to it and the number keeps growing with around 200 million new users each year. The additional advantage is the ability to stay connected 24/7 hours thanks to the mobile devices, makes it necessary for businesses to utilize this opportunity to enhance their customer experience. Customer identity management solutions play an important role in this direction.

Customer Identity Management

In general terms, customer identity management is the solution that provides authentication services, helps in managing your customer identities as well as stores useful customer data for your business. In this article I am going to list down some reasons why your business too, needs a customer identity solution :

1. You are still using traditional registration approach!

The first and foremost reason behind opting for an effective CIM system is the traditional registration approach you are using. With around 54 out of 100 users leaving your website rather then register and around 90% users providing false information in registration forms, does sticking to old school traditional registration approach sounds like a good decision to you?

2. You are not leveraging the power of social login!

Another thing you are missing by not opting for an effective CIM system is the power of social login. Social Login lets your website visitors authenticate themselves using their existing social identities thereby making the whole process more convenient and quick. Apart from that, social login also provides you the reliable first party user data stored in their social media profiles. Quite a big loss if you haven’t opted it, right?

3. You are making visitors create separate accounts for each of your web properties!

If you have multiple web properties, sub-domains, etc and you are making your users create separate accounts to access each, your customers won’t spare you! And why not, with already too many passwords to take care of, you are making them create more! A customer identity management with single sign-on solution will allow your audience to use single id credentials to access all of the web properties owned by you. Profile once updated will reflect in the rest ones too.

4. Your are not able to match growing customer base with in-house capabilities!

Your customer base is growing like never before, congratulations! But your in-house capability is not able to utilize it to drive revenue, poor you! An effective CIM system offers a secure and scalable system to manage your growing customer base and manages your customer identities effectively. With well managed customer identities, you can get precious customer insights that will complement the efforts of your marketing and sales team!

With the growing internet base, the key to stay on top is to stay one step ahead of your customers, understand them, build relationships and leave an everlasting impression and having an effective CIM system is the first step in that direction.



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