Tired of Low Conversions? Try Social Sign In!

For the success of  any online business or to make marketing strategy, conversion is the most important factor. It generally means getting your website visitors to do what you want them to do, either in the form of purchasing product or fill out lead/contact form or downloading resources. Just having a huge traffic on your website is of no use if it does not present conversion opportunities.


Long and complicated registration process is one of the main reason why visitors leave your website without getting converted. Asking for too much information at once is not a good practice. It makes visitors frustrated and gives them a reason to leave your website.

Here I am going to explain some tested and effective tips to increase conversion on your website.

  • Make Registration Process Simple

As stated earlier people hate to fill long and complex registration forms. They want everything easy and quick. One of the best ways to avoid long registration form is to implement social sign in to your website. With the help of social sign in,  users can directly login to the website without filling such long forms through their existing social media account. Using social sign in is very simple and it also saves users time. By saving time, now users can explore more on your website and thus increase the chances of conversion.

social login


  • Proper Call to action Button

If you had to pack all your conversion wisdom into a single tiny space, it would be a Call to Action button. It can make or break your online business. Call to Action buttons, generally called CTA buttons are used to provoke an action from website visitors. Here are some tips for creating CTA buttons that work for your website.

  1. Always use a colour that stands out.
  2. Keep it as simple as possible.
  3. Place them at an appropriate position.

By creating your CTA buttons in such way will help you a lot to increase conversion because it makes users easy to perform an action without getting confused.

  • Use Testimonials

According to a report, about 90 percent of buyers admit their buying decisions are influenced by customers testimonials and positive feedbacks. And by the same report, it is estimated that 63 percent indicate that they are more likely to purchase from websites that have reviews and testimonials. Therefore, having positive reviews about your product encourage visitors to make a purchase and this ultimately increases conversion on your website.

These are some important tips and strategies that I used to boost conversion on my online website. What are yours? Let make me know in the comments.


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