3 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion

First Impression is the last impression. And for many online users, a landing page is the first impression. The user will arrive at a landing page from Social Media, Google AdWords, or as part of product campaign but the rate of conversion will totally depend on the effectiveness of landing page. Therefore landing page plays a crucial role in conversion rate.

conversion optimization

Here are three best ways that will help you to boost conversion on landing page of your website.

  • Offer Social Sign On

Registration Forms with too many fields are often frustrating and make visitors leave the website. According to a research 88 percent users feel bothered by having to create new username and password. Now a days world is moving so fast. No one has enough time to sit back and fill the long and irritating registration forms. Users want everything quick and easy. But from marketing point of view, collecting data is must for every marketers to make new strategies to serve their customers in a better way. In such situation what is the solution? The solution is Social sign on.

working model of SSO


Social sign on fits perfectly in this scenario. With social sign on marketers can get users data easily and that too without annoying them. Social sign on allows visitors to register themselves by using their existing social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. It is not only easy but also very quick form of registration. It hardly takes few seconds and thus ultimately increases conversion.

  • Use Progressive Profiling

The another way to keep user happy and satisfied is progressive profiling. Asking too much information at once may annoy visitors and make them to leave website and if not, they provide wrong informations. That adversely affects marketing strategies. The best option is to ask essential information during the time of registration and once the trust is built, ask user to complete the profile.

  • Provide Social Proof

  • Social-Proof-.jpg


Always show users what others think about you when user arrives on your landing page. It will boost them up to complete the further steps. There are several ways by which you can integrate social proof on landing pages, but these four are the most important.


  1. Showing customer testimonials.
  2. Social counts
  3. Embedded social media post
  4. Case studies


These are some points that help you to increase conversion on your landing page. If you have any important point that I left, let me know in the comments.



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