4 Ways of strengthening engagement with customers


customer engagement

Apart from publishing and advertising, one of the most important business function of social media is that it enables you to connect with your customer at every level. You can reach each and every client and talk with them directly. Social media allows you to learn about your customer quickly. Today the world is overcrowded with brands and businesses. Marketers of both old and new businesses are trying their best to gain attention by promoting their products on various social media platforms.. Therefore it is very crucial for businesses to have a strategy that helps them to stay on top of customer’s mind.

Here we look at four most important ways to strengthen relationship with customers.

Listen more than you Talk

Many marketers see social media as another opportunity for broadcasting. Social networks enable you to listen to your customer and gain customer insights. This will help your business succeed. One of the best way is to listen and respond to all feedback and comments, even the negative stuff.

Create and maintain Blogs

Blogs play important role in communicating with users and customers to keep them updated with new products and arrivals. To strengthen relationship with customers  make sure that the content that is being shared on the blog is user friendly, easy to understand and contains high quality images.

E-mail newsletters

According to a report sharing email newsletters on social media networks can provide 150 percent more clicks for the business. Strategically conceived newsletters not just ensure that users already subscribed enjoy reading the content but also recommend present subscribers to further add the list.

Provide Social Login

Social login, also known as Social Sign In provides an opportunity to authenticate users or customers to login to a website with using their existing social media platform. It encourage users to login easily and to spend more time on website. It definitely increases user engagement. As per the data 65 percent of respondents to a survey agree to returning to the website that remember them through social id’s.

Therefore these are some common points that keep in mind to strengthen relationship and engagement with your old as well new customers. Please give your valuable feedback in the comment below. (source)



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