Social Media Mistakes : You’ll Never make Again

In the era of digital world, Social Login is emerged as one of the most powerful tool in the field of social media. It has numerous benefits not only for customers but also for digital marketers. Many big and famous organizations have implemented social login on their website and have seen good growth in their business.

But only implementing social login to the website is not going to work or improve your sign up rates until you stop making the following common mistakes.


Here in this article I am going to explain what are the common mistakes we do while implementing social login and how we can avoid it. 

  • Not offering more social id providers

We all know that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform with near about 1.44 billion monthly users. But if we offer only Facebook as an id provider for registration, Is everyone going to register themselves through it? No! After all not everyone wants to use their Facebook account to sign in to a website. Therefore provide more options or more social id providers to user to register themselves with a website. The three most preferred choices are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ .

More the options you provide more will be the chances of sign up. Select your social login id providers according to the type of your business. For example if your business is related to garment or kitchen appliances than Pinterest is the best option. To enhance flexibility it is recommended to add 3-5 social login networks.

  • Not implementing social login on main pages.

Another most common mistakes made by web owners is to not imply social login to all the important pages of their website but only to the registration page. It is highly recommended to add social login page to each and every important webpage. We can add social login button on the following webpages:

  • Commenting Page
  • Login page
  • Landing Page
  • Content Download Page
  • Hard to locate social login option

For high sign up rates, social login option must be visible to every user. It is advisable to keep the option of social login always above the fold. Nobody wants to waste time on searching for social login option. Users want everything quick and simple. Generally for mobile users it is very hard to locate social login option because of small screen size. In this state if you use small social login widgets than it is impossible for such users to locate and register through it. This spoils your customer experience. To avoid such mistake, place your social login button at easy to locate place with proper size. Location of social login buttons plays an important role in sign up rates.

Thus, these are some of the most common mistakes we make while implementing social login option to our website. Avoiding these mistakes surely boost up your signup rates. If I forget to add important point, let me know in the comment. (source)



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