Methods to make WP site Social Media Friendly

Social Media is increasingly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.  It is all around us. Everywhere you look you find “Like us on Facebook”, “Tweet Us”, “Pin it” etc.

Social Media plays an important role and it can be understood by the fact that:

  • There are around 7 Billion people on earth.
  • Out of 7 billion, 3 billion people are active internet users.
  • 2.1 billion people out of these 3 billion active internet users use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

2.1 Billion people, it is a huge data to convince marketers to make their website social media friendly.

social media

Here are some points to keep in mind on how to make website social media friendly.

Add Social Media Comments

Adding social media comments to your blog makes it easy for users to leave comments. Adding Facebook and Google+ comments are more recommended. Most of the users are already logged in either using Facebook or Google+ account. Therefore they find it quick and easy to post. Facebook comments are more considered because they bring more traffic towards blog in compare to any other social media.

Recommended Plugin: FaceBook Comments

Offering Social Login

Social Login is a revolutionary tool in the field of customer registration service. Through social login users can authenticate with the help of their existing social media accounts. There is no need to remember new username and password for each time. Social login not only makes the registration process simple but it also saves lot of time. User do not have to fill long registration forms. Therefore they can spend more time on website and search more content of the website.

social login

Recommended Plugin: Social Login by LoginRadius

Provide Social Sharing

People love to share what they like with others. So they also share your content if they find it interesting. Adding social sharing plugins on your blogs so that people can share it with others if they like it. Today almost on every blog you can see social sharing widgets but the problem is that they are not optimized. Make sure that your plugins are responsive and it works well with the mobile version also. It is advisable to add maximum 3-4 selective social media plugins not all.

social sharing


Recommended Plugin: WordPress Social Share by Social 9

So these are some of my favourite plugins that will help you make your WP site social media friendly. Feel free to mention what are your favourite social media plugins and methods of making website social friendly in comment below.


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