4 Common Mistakes that are Ruining your Chances at Conversation


No matter whether you are a Blogger, online marketer or an entrepreneur, you may always be on a lookout on how to convert random visitors into subscribers or leads or a potential customers. Bringing traffic to your website is very important. But do you think bringing traffic alone to your website guaranteed higher conversion? Most of the time visitors come to your landing page and leave without engaging to any content. This increases the bounce rate and adversely affects the ranking  of your website.

Here are some common mistakes we do that are ruining conversion rate of your website.


  • Longer Loading Time


If you login to a website to buy something and you find loading circle on every click. How long you will stay on that website? You probably leave that website within a seconds. Therefore loading period plays an important role in conversion rate.



First and the foremost thing to invest with a good hosting service provider who will able to provide a you faster loading process. Next step is to optimize the media size by using various online tools like CloudFLare,WP Smush etc. The reduced media size speeds up the loading process.


  • Long Registration Form


According to a report 54 out of 100 prefer to leave website if they have to face long and time consuming registration form.  Apart from that 88% user submit wrong and fake information and reduces the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

long registration form


Optimize social login to your website’s landing page. Social Login not only allows user to login to a website by using existing social media Id credentials but also saves time and reduces the password fatigue. As an additional social login provides you a verified user information to personalize their experience on your website.

social login


  • Vague Call to Action


A website is only a channel of communication to the visitors. It is not the ultimate service or product. Therefore it is natural to create a Call to Action(CTA) through which a user can contact you and may be convert onto your customer. If such call to action is vague, there are  possibilities of losing many potential customers.

vague to call


CTA will strongly determine the conversion rate of your website. Always keep it as simple as possible. Next step is to enhance its look with a creative and easy to use button. Locate it at appropriate position on your website so that user can easily use it.


  • Inadequate Proof


It is very tough to get first visitor and eventually convert him to a customer. If you are not providing adequate proof about your product, no matter how good it may be the customer will not going to buy it.

social feedback


To make yourself visible in a social media is not an easy task especially for start ups. At this time to boost your products and services you can provide strong and effective Customer Reviews, Customer Testimonials, Social Media updates, Press Releases etc. to your valuable visitors. This makes a  positive attitude on visitors and increases the probability of buying products.

So these are the 4 most common mistakes and its solution that ruin the conversion rate of your website. If you have any point in your mind, let me know in the comment. (source)


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