Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It

shopping cartShopping Cart Abandonment is the most common problem faced by the e-commerce stores. According to the latest statistics the cart abandonment rate is 59%.  Some of the reasons why customer abandon the customer cart:

  1. Comparatively high cost as expected.
  2. No discount coupon.
  3. Didn’t want to pay shipping cost.
  4. Complicated checkout process.
  5. Lack of payment options.

shopping cart abandonment

Here I will going to explain some best practices to avoid cart abandonment rate.

  • Provide Easy Login

Suppose a situation where you are searching  for an ecommerce website and you find a good one too. But when time came to register yourself, you find a long and frustrating Registration Form. What you will do?  You simply leave that website and searching for a new one.

Therefore, if you want customers to click onto your website and register themselves with you provide them easy and time saving registration service. Offer them Social Login. It is a type of customer registration which allows user to register themselves with their existing social media Id credentials.

  • Offer Price Guarantee

With the saturation of many markets, nowadays it’s very easy to find the lowest price. If you already have your customer on site reaffirming them with the title like “Lowest Price Match”  guarantee can keep them happy and also decrease the cart abandonment.

  • Add customers testimonials

Customers loves to hear other customers feedback. On the way to checkout, feature strong and positive testimonials. This helps to leave a positive attitude towards the product and increase the probability of customer to buy that product.

customer feedback

  • Don’t  hide Shipping Charges

Trust is the most important pillar for any business. If you cheat your customers, they are never going to return onto your website. Don’t hide anything with your customers. Most of the time when customer add a product to a cart and at the time of checkout he comes to know about the shipping and extra charges. This is also a reason of shopping cart abandonment. So provide all the charges to customer before adding the product to cart to reduce cart abandonment rate.

  • Don’t offer Coupon Code unnecessary

If customer see a coupon code form during checkout. They will likely leave the website to check out for a coupon code. Only offer coupon code to those customers who are offered a promotion on their way into the website. If you don’t have any coupon code than also avoid coupon codes to the customers.

  • Provide more Payment options

Everyone wants more. More payment options you provide more chance the customer will buy the product. Sometimes customer wants to pay amount as Cash on Delivery but many e-commerce website don’t give this option to their customer. This may also increases the cart abandonment rate.

  • Simplify Checkout Process

checkout flow

Nowadays people are very busy.  They don’t have enough time to spend on checkout process. So keep in mind always that the process of payment and checkout should be as simple and convenient as possible. Try to reduce time between user wants to buy a product and checkout process.


So these are some do’s and don’ts to avoid shopping cart abandonment. If I missed any, please let me know in the comment box below.


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