How to Understand Customer

For the success of any business, to understand customer is must. More you understand your customer more your business will grow. There are number of businesses but only those businesses go further who understand the need of their customers.

know your customer

Knowing Customers will help in many ways in Business:

  • By having better understanding of customer, a better customer profile can be created. It helps to know the actual demand of the customer, what he is looking for. Marketers can target customers according to the customer profile.
  • Knowing likes and dislikes of customers also helps marketers to find the product of customer’s desired.
  • One of the best way to understand customer is to collect data. By knowing interests, age group, location etc. of customers, marketers can pitch them more specifically.

Steps to understand customer:

Be a customer first

If you want to understand your customer very well than you have to be a customer first. Only than you are able to know the exact demand of your customer. Put yourself in place of customer to understand the problems faced by them. This will help you to come up with a solution from the customer point of view.

Ask them about the Product

Always ask your customers about the product they buy from you. Whether they are satisfied with your product or not. Ask them how you can improve your product for better service. This will help you to improve the quality of your product and also allows you to stay in touch with your customers.

Collect Customer Data

If you have updated data of your customer than it is quite easy for you to contact and understand the actual demand of your customer. Many companies asks users to fill long and boring registration form for that. Most of the time user is not interested in  filling  these long forms. Either they leave your website or fill fake informations.

But to have data of customers is necessary for any business. In this situation Social media login plays an important role.

social login

Social media Login allows user to sign up or Log in using their existing  social media accounts. This not only makes registration process easy but also collects profile data of the customers which is very helpful to understand customer in a better way. Source



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