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Why your business needs Single Sign- On

Web SSO or single sign on means that when user log in to one application he will be automatically logged in to every other application of same organization or domain regardless of the platform and technology.

working model of SSO

For example, Google has implemented SSO for their products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics, etc.That means when you sign-in to Gmail account then you will be automatically logged into Google Drive, Analytics and many more Google products.

Features of SSO :

  • Reduces Password fatigue: 

    SSO makes it easy to login on various applications without remembering password and Id of each. You can login by a common username and password for same identity. This reduces password fatigue and ensures smooth user experience

  • Improve user experience:User appreciates when technology saves their time so that they can focus more on work rather than on remembering passwords. Using SSO reduces the time spent by user to type password and username for different but same identity applications.
  • Highly SecuredThe sso service is highly secured because first). there are lesser chances of losing passwords and second). the user’s credentials are not provided to the actual service which user is trying to access but by directly to the  central SSO server.

Single Sign On Solutions

According to the need of the organisation many solutions available in the market to achieve SSO. some of them are as follows:

  1. Web SSO 

    Web SSO is used when single sign on for web based applications. It has long and very complex deployment cycle. 

  2. Enterprise SSO 

    It is used for single sign-on for all types of applications. It also have quick and straightforward deployment cycle.

How SSO works:

working Of SSO

Single Sign-On feeds profile or user data that is collected through email registration or through social login into user profile storage. When users sign-on to any of the application than they automatically log-in to other applications with same identity.


SSO simply can remove the need to remember multiple passwords. It also reduces the IT help desk cost. Using SSO saves the time of users which help them to focus more on their core work instead of typing username and password again and again. (Source)


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