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Increasing need of CIAM for Businesses

With change in global technologies and market, it is very essential to be updated  with every trend concerning business and customers. No one has clear charts on what will get them to boost sales but everyone is trying everything which is coming their way, in terms of technology. If we talk about marketing, Instagram is… Continue reading Increasing need of CIAM for Businesses

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Importance of writing Resumes !!

Writing a resume is one of the most important things in the professional life of a candidate. He who masters the art of writing an attractive resume could enter any competition with ease. In other words, resumes are the entry doors to any interviews. How???? Let me explain. I am here to discuss some good… Continue reading Importance of writing Resumes !!

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How Single Sign-On Helps your Business

The method of login to multiple websites through single sign-on is not new. Earlier users had to enter different usernames and passwords for different websites of the same business. More websites mean more ID credentials to remember. Web single sign-on or WSSO removes the headache of remembering multiple passwords by allowing users to access many… Continue reading How Single Sign-On Helps your Business

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Attack Surface Reduction Through SSO!

Today security is considered as one of the most major concern for online businesses and Attack Surface Reduction or in short ASR is on the priority list. There is an acceleration in hacking capabilities and cyber threats. No matter from which industry you belong to, the practice is continuously attacking your systems and secret documents.… Continue reading Attack Surface Reduction Through SSO!